Upper Rock Picnic sites refurbished in Gibraltar

Credit: HM Government of Gibraltar

VISITORS to Gibraltar may be interested to know that two picnic sites on the Upper Rock have been prepared in time for the spring.

The site at Jews’ Gate, at the lower entrance to the path leading to Mediterranean Steps, has been refurbished, while a new area with tables and benches has been created at the site of the old Willis’s Guard room, at the opposite (northern) end of the Upper Rock.

This is part of ongoing works to continue to improve facilities for users of the Upper Rock.


The works have been carried out in consultation with GONHS (the Gibraltar Ornithological and Natural History Society) to ensure that there was no negative impact on wild animals or plants.

If you are thinking of visiting the Upper Rock with its many attractions, be aware however that non-resident vehicles (except those holding blue disabled badges) are not allowed to drive there so the main options are the cable car or a taxi, both of which will cost money.

It is possible to go part of the way by bus or to take the very long walk up the Rock but even then there are charges for entry to certain of the attractions.


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