Snow peas star ingredient in Costa Almeria gourmet brand promotional event

OPPORTUNITY: Snow peas are “in fashion” as a gourmet vegetable of choice, according to the Almeria Agro-food Promotion delegate CREDIT: Diputacion de Almeria

SNOW peas will be the star ingredient at an upcoming ‘Sabores Almeria’ provincial gourmet brand promotional event in Dalias.

What will be the third edition of the ‘Tierra de Dalias’ series of activities focuses specifically on the snow pea as a locally grown speciality with the aim of boosting local companies’ production and marketing.

This year’s event will be staged at the Dalias casino and will run over four days, from Thursday January 23 to lunchtime on Sunday 26. Activities will include talks, roundtable discussions, food tastings, master classes in cooking with snow peas, vegan workshops and gourmet menus.


Speaking at the presentation earlier this week, Diputacion de Almeria Agro-food Promotion delegate Antonio J. Rodriguez underlined the importance of the event for “a province which lives by and for agriculture.”

The delegate said initiatives focusing on particular provincial products have an important role to play in “highlighting the importance of specialities as unique and different as snow peas.”

What’s more, Rodriguez added, the vegetable is currently “in fashion in Spain and the world” the snow peas grown in Almeria standing out for their flavor and quality.

“We have to make the most of this opportunity to sell a speciality which is appreciated as a gourmet vegetable”, he commented.

On a more general point the deputy insisted “Almeria agriculture “has to compete on quality, specialization and flavour”, adding, “these are the added valued with set us apart from the other producer countries.”

He also mentioned the potential impact on the provincial agricultural sector of the ‘real food’ trend, with consumers increasingly opting for more natural, less processed produce.


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