Costa del Sol News: Bed emergency in Malaga hospitals

Simply not enough space: Emergency clinics are overflowing. CREDIT: Wikipedia

THE recurrent collapse of the Emergency Department of Malaga hospitals is the tangible proof of the lack of beds.  Sindicato Médico president, Antonio Martín, explains that when the scheduled surgery patients join with the increase in those admitted to the Emergency Department due to winter conditions, there is simply not enough space in the wards. This means that those in Observation do not have a bed to be admitted or sometimes even those in the ICU to go to the ward when they have already been treated. “The problem is that there are not enough beds and in times of greater demand like this the deficit is more noticeable,” he said.

Hospitals recognise that they are in a period of high frequency, although they insist on portraying an image of tranquility because they ensure that they are prepared and that assistance is guaranteed. Sindicato Médico and the Técnicos de Enfermería denounced waits of up to 24 hours for a bed in the Hospital Regional. The Nursing Union (Sindicato de Enfermería) have warned that the emergency clinics have “overflowed”, with patients waiting “for hours” on stretchers when their admission had already been arranged. 



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