British Airways Captain Signals Mayday During Emergency Landing While Wearing Oxygen Mask


A British Airways flight emergency landed at Heathrow Airport, after his co-pilot was overcome by fumes. 

The captain took charge and applied his oxygen mask, after his colleague fell sick just four miles away from the airport. In addition, the caption decided the signal a mayday alert. 

Reports say that the co pilot complained about feeling unwell, while the aircraft made its final approach towards the London airport. His colleague was then forced to take over and raise the alarm in the final stages of the flight, according to the Daily Mail. 


Passengers were completely unaware of the fright, as the flight from Athens landed. The A320 aircraft was then grounded for 48 hours following the incident. It is claimed that the co pilot was assessed upon landing and allowed to return home. 

A BA spokesman told the Daily Mail: “The Captain landed the aircraft safely, and customers disembarked as normal. 

As the First Officer was feeling unwell, he was seen by an airport paramedic as a precaution, before going home.”

British Airways have revealed that almost 300 ‘fume events’ took place on their airline last year. They have been criticised for exposing their staff to such danger.

British Airways pilots Karen Lysakowska and Richard Westgate, died within days of each other in 2013 – they had complained about exposure to toxic fumes within passenger aircraft. 

Mr Westgate, 43, had instructed lawyers to sue BA for alleged breach of health and safety guidelines. Meanwhile, Ms Lysakowska pleaded with BA bosses to look into the issue after she had to stop flying due to ill health in 2005. 


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