Vera man threatened at gunpoint in Costa Almeria drug house mix up

ARRESTS: The Guardia Civil charged two men in their twenties for illegal detention and threats. CREDIT: Shutterstock

A VERA resident found himself being threatened at gunpoint when a group of thugs looking for drugs got the wrong house.

He told the Guardia Civil he stepped out of his home to investigate after hearing a vehicle sounding its horn right in front. He came across a man in his forties who asked him for directions to a junk yard and farmhouse. When he turned to indicate the location the stranger pointed a gun at his head.

At this point two others got out of the van which had been making the noise. One of the individuals was also armed.


They forced the man back into his house. Four of his family members were inside at the time.

The group demanded to know where he had stashed bags of marijuana and went through every corner of the property looking for non-existent drugs until they realised they had got the wrong house and made off.

The Guardia Civil found the van used by the attackers. Although it looked as though it had been stolen it had not been reported missing, and turned out to belong to a company which has closed down, the Guardia reported.

Further investigations led to the identification, location and arrest of two of the suspects, both of whom have police records. L.F.M., 28, and J.F.T., 25, face charges of illegal detention, injuries and threats.

The Guardia said there a Malaga court has issued a search and arrest warrant for the third suspect, identified as 27-year old J.M.F.H., who is now in France.


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