Costa del Sol News: Last minute adjustments for luxurious tower hotel on Malaga Port

LAVISH: The tower will be home to a luxury hotel on the port

The exciting project for a new tower building on Malaga Port has suffered some last-minute changes. Originally, the tower -that will be home to a luxury hotel and a convention centre- was expected to reach the 135-metre mark. However, according to municipal sources, the height of the building will be reduced accordingly.

The new height of the extravagant construction planned by the royal family of Qatar has not yet been determined, and the final design must be approved by the port’s authorities. The hotel, which originally had planned for 35 floors, is expected to be around the same height as other port elements including container cranes (112 metres) and large cruises (70 metres), thus reducing its visual impact.

It is believed that the palatial hotel will generate almost 1,700 jobs in Malaga and offer around 352 luxury suites for tourists. As well as a convention centre and an area dedicated to a high-end shopping experience.


Initially, the modification of the architectural project was motivated by a technical issue. Sources close to the project explained the main reason for the change of height. Due to the fact the building will also house an underground parking, it requires a foundation similar to that in metro tunnels. To accomplish this, the foundations will have to descend 45 metres to anchor to the seabed.


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