COSTA ALMERIA NEWS: Antas council spending plans move forward

APPROVAL: The governing PSOE team backed the budget, but the opposition Partido Popular and Ciudadanos voted against CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Antas

ANTAS council’s spending plans for this year are set to move forward following approval of the 2020 budget at a plenary meeting.

The governing PSOE Socialist party team voted in favour of the more than €3.7 million budget. The opposition Partido Popular and Ciudadanos voted against, labelling the plans “confused and not very transparent.”

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The governing council team went through the points one-by-one in the session in response to opposition criticism that there lacked clarity on what each amount of money listed was going to be spent.

The opposition also complained that the budget included a grant from the provincial government for rural roads.

“As it is money which does not go through the council, which comes directly from the Diputacion, it should not be reflected in the budget”, argues former Popular Party Antas mayor Isabel Belmonte.

Among the specific spends the council has lined up for this year are €90,000 on improving accessibility in the multi-uses centre, €10,000 for smartening up the old town and €7,000 for building a new petanca court.


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