Study In Spain Highlights The Three Main Concerns Felt By Andalusians

Study In Spain Highlights The Three Main Concerns Felt By Andalusians Credit: Shutterstock

A STUDY reveals that unemployment, corruption and health are the three main main concerns for people living in Andalusia.

The study published today (Tuesday) by the Andalusian Studies Centre Foundation (Centra), which reports to the Ministry of the Presidency, Public Administration and the Interior of the Andalusian Regional Government, based a survey carried out by the company Nexo SCA between 25 November and 12 December on a sample of 2,627 people of both sexes resident in the eight provinces of Andalusia and of legal age.

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As Euro Weekly News understands, unemployment is perceived as the main concern by Andalusians, ahead of political corruption and health.

Specifically, according to the Barometer of Public Opinion of Andalusia conducted last December, the stats are as follows: unemployment is the main problem in Andalusia for 22.1%, ahead of political corruption (14.8%) and health (5.2%). Behind these three issues are, in this order, immigration (4.1%), education-culture-research (3.1%) and dissatisfaction with politicians (3.1%).

Several Expats that live in Andalusia have voiced their concerns to Euro Weekly News also, many mirror the underlying worry over health matters, especially with the looming Brexti date just days away, corruption and the general ‘nightmare’ felt when dealing with Spanish bureaucracy.



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