Phishing for cash on the Costa del Sol Spain

All of the items confiscated during the arrest Credit: National Police

AFTER receiving complaints from 11 individuals around Spain that they had lost money from their bank accounts, officers from the National Police undertook an investigation.

They discovered that all of those complaining had received a text message to their mobile phones which appeared to have come from their banks with a web link which they were asked to activate.

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In fact it was a false link and all of the information that they entered was then used by the scammer to produce fake bank cards which were used to withdraw funds from cash machines situated in the western part of Malaga City.

When officers traced the text messages, they discovered that they had been sent by a 32-year-old male who lived in Mijas and after identifying his address, officers arrested him for phishing and defrauding cash from his victims.

Officers estimate that the value of his illegal activities amounted to some €10,000 and when they entered his residence, they seized €6,200 in cash, six mobile phones and a laptop as well as a crash helmet which he may have used to hide his identity.


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