Costa del Sol News: Police officer burned by flare at Marbella Copa del Rey

Officer hit by flare: Uniform proved its function. CREDIT: SUP

AN OFFICER of the Prevention and Reaction Unit (UPR) of the National Police was hit this Saturday by the fire of a flare during the Copa del Rey match at the Municipal Stadium of Marbella FC who were playing against Real Valladolid. It was reported by the Unified Police Union (SUP), which questions the suitability of the garments used by the police officers assigned to this unit, that the flame pierced his jacket and burned his self-defence baton.

The officer was hit by the flare just before the start of the game when a group of fans threw several at the gates of the stadium towards the bus of rival fans. As a result of the incident, the union claims that the uniformity of the UPR officers fits the functions they perform. This unit assumes among its tasks activities developed by the Police Intervention Units (IPU) in regard to the prevention and restoration of public order.

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