Brothers in Band still on Spanish national tour

Brothers in Band replicate Dire Straits

ON Saturday February 1 at 10pm, the Paris 15 Sala Malaga Capital welcomes the Brothers in Band presenting their Alchemy Re-Live Dire Straits show which faithfully reproduces the sounds of one of Britain’s most successful bands.

Dire Straits are unlikely to preform again due to the much publicised disagreements between various members, especially as Mark Knopfler has become a regular composer of film soundtracks, his brother David Knopfler simply had enough and bass player John Illsley has his own band.

The nine Spanish musicians in Brothers in Band have however spent years honing their performance so that if you close your eyes, you think that you are back watching the real thing.


High spots include, Sultans of Swing, Love over Gold, Romeo and Juliet and naturally, Money for Nothing.

This is a nine piece band of professional musicians who are known for their album and DVD releases and they simply spend most of their lives on road reproducing the music of their heroes.

Tickets cost €27.95 online.


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