Axarquia News: Innovative historical stages in Almunecar

New initiative uses historical spaces: Stages for artistic performances. CREDIT: Facebook

THE Department of Culture of Almunecar has announced a new initiative where they will use historical spaces for scenic and artistic performances. Members of the vocal group Sietemásuno, from Granada, inaugurated this unique plan in the space of Cueva de Siete Palacios, with an event that was well attended by the public and showed the success of the novel proposal. The initiative has precedents with the musical festival “Al fresquito” or “La noche en blanco” where different spaces of the urban and historical centre served as a summer setting for different theatrical and musical meetings.
Sietemásuno, interpreted hits of modern music with cover versions from the main styles and genres such as jazz, blues, soul, pop, rock and musical cinema. All a cappella, without instruments, only with their voices, offering the public a unique and creative experience, with their own arrangements.


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