Arrested In Spain After Ramming Car Into A Spanish Police Checkpoint

Marbella’s police are reminding the public that driving accompanied without justified cause can carry hefty fines of between 300 and 1,000 euros. Credit: Shutterstock

A 23-year-old man has been arrested in Motril-Spain after ramming his car through a police checkpoint in order to flee at high speed.

According to a statement from the National Police, the events occurred in the early hours of this morning (Tuesday) during a routine police checkpoint located on a central street in Motril.

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The driver, on coming across the police control, slammed into the barriers in order to flee, causing minor injuries to the police officers at the control who had to dive out of the way of the crazed driver.

The police then gave chase as the young man tried to flee, crashing into a police vehicle on the way, causing considerable damage to both vehicles.

The young man was finally arrested as he attempted to rid himself of hashish that was in his possession and tested positive for both drugs and alcohol.

The alleged perpetrator has been charged with two offences: an assault on law enforcement officers and an administrative offence for possession of a narcotic substance.



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