WATCH: Pedestrians escape death after drug-fuelled driver crashes in police chase in Spain

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The car lost control and narrowly avoided pedestrians on Avenida de Madrid in Lleida. Credit: Google Maps.

SEVERAL pedestrians escaped death after a car narrowly missed their path in a crash that followed a dramatic police chase in Spain.

Footage of the terrifying incident has made its way onto social media which shows the near fatal incident that took place after a vehicle made its way down Rambla d’Aragó onto Avenida de Madrid in Lleida on Sunday afternoon (January 12). 

The video shows a car speeding on the road before it swerves onto the pavement and impacts a wall, leaving nearby pedestrians stunned.


Details of the incident have now been revealed by the police, where they confirm that the man had been involved in a police chase around the centre of Lleida. Once he had crashed the car, the assailant then fled on foot, but was stopped a short time later thanks to the collaboration of several residents.

As Euro Weekly News understands, once in handcuffs, officers conducted a drugs test on the man which produced a positive result for narcotics. It is understood that he has been charged with crimes against road safety. 


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