Invitation to the dance in Altea, Costa Blanca

SUNDAY SESSIONS: Leon Gascon at the Social Centre. Photo credit: Altea town hall

ALTEA’S less-young citizens received an invitation to take part in free Sunday dance sessions.

“Dancing is not just a leisure activity, it’s beneficial to everybody, including the elderly,” pointed out Jose Luis Leon Gascon, Altea’s Social Welfare and Senior Citizens’ councillor.
“Dancing has been confirmed as one of the best options for combatting the ageing process as it strengthens bones and muscles while assisting cognitive abilities,” he added.

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The sessions are held each Sunday between 5.30pm and 8pm in the cafeteria at Altea’s Centro Social.

“This is a completely free activity that attracts dozens of people who want to enjoy an afternoon in good company,” Leon Gascon said.



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