Expats In Spain Watch With Interest As The Royal Family Crisis Talks Start Today At Family Arranged Meeting


Expats in Spain are some of the most loyal royal family followers but today they watch in anticipation as the royal family meet to discuss the future.

A meeting called by the Queen herself, will include the Duke of Sussex, the Duke of Cambridge and the Prince of Wales – the first face-to-face discussions since Prince Harry and wife Meghan announced their decision to step back from royal duties.

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The meeting is set to take place at Sandringham in Norfolk where it is thought the “next steps” will be decided following the fallout over the recent announcement.

A conference call will also be in play to Canada where Meghan and Prince Archie are currently located as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex remain in different countries.

All angles to the future will be covered at the crisis talks between the royal family and an announcement is expected from the palace late this afternoon.


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