Café Quijano musical brothers who are touring Spain now

CAFÉ QUIJANO: Bags packed and ready to travel Credit: Twitter

AT the start of a massive Spanish tour, the three brothers who make up pop/rock band Café Quijano will be performing at the Alicante Auditorium on Saturday January 25 with tickets costing €24.50 online.

Manuel , Óscar and Raúl are all musicians from León and the family owned a café there which played an important part in their development as it was there that they first started playing to a live audience.

Their first recording was in 1996 and they went on to release eight albums which all sold well making them a popular band who mix Latin, flamenco, rock and pop.


All three brothers have also enjoyed successful solo careers and have worked with such artists as Raphael, Joaquín Sabina and Céline Dion and they have also appeared in films including Torrente 2: Mission in Marbella and supplied songs for the soundtrack of Disney movie Lilo and Stitch.


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