Axarquia News: Police at war with Vélez-Málaga government.

Local Police unhappy: Broken promises in commitments to workforce. CREDIT: Andalucia Informacion

NEARLY seven months have elapsed since the beginning of the municipal legislature and the government of Velez-Malaga, are already at war with Local Police staff. During the past mandate, between 2015 and 2019, there were demonstrations and protests in the municipal plenary sessions, the majority of which were from the police force. Their representatives have returned to denounce the broken promises of the Councillor for Security, Chema Dominguez, and the Mayor, Antonio Moreno Ferrer, in his commitments to the workforce.

The police unions have pointed out that during the seven months of the legislature they have supported the councillor “for his involvement and negotiation with the unions, as well as accompaniments to strengthen his public position“ and were assured that “after countless meetings and conversations assuring on behalf of the councilman a series of actions would be carried out that would attend to our totally fair and coherent demands,”.

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Police unions have highlighted “non-compliance” with regards to the new overtime regulation “This supposed regulation that was going to be implemented would ensure equality and equity,” They also stated that “neither have the facilities improved, they have not removed asbestos from the Velez-Malaga Headquarters, nor have they changed the main entrance gate. The workforce has not been restructured as of September 1, 2019, new positions have not been called.”


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