Spain tucks in to toasted treats on National Bagel Day

Paying homage to the dense and chewy bread: Catering for doughy needs. CREDIT: Shutterstock.

BAGELS have long had to share their special day with pizza. Both National Bagel Day and National Pizza Day have taken place on February 9, but no longer, as National Bagel Day has been rolled back to January 15.

National Bagel Day pays homage to the dense and chewy bread product that dates back to the 16th century and the modern bagel is believed to have been a direct descendant of a ringed Polish bread product known as obwarzanek.

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During the 19th century, Eastern European immigrants brought bagels with them when they emigrated to the United States.

Today, bagels are enjoyed in a variety of different ways and topped with a number of different ingredients including the most popular cream cheese and salmon and also favourites peanut butter and bananas, hummus or simply butter as well as many others.

Those in London should definitely visit the institution that is Beigel Bake a 24-hour bakery and shop founded in 1974, on Brick Lane in Spitalfields. Its menu is focused on bagels, baked in the traditional Jewish style with fillings and produces 7,000 bagels every day.

Bagel fans in Spain can get a hold of the snacks in eateries like Barcelona’s The Bagel Hood who pride themselves on their hand made bagels boiled and baked with the best raw materials or the well known Granier chain who also include a selection on their menu.

With a large number of U.S. ex-pats in Madrid, it’s no surprise that the city has enough places to cater to their doughy needs. For example La Bicicleta, the popular hipster cafe in Malasaña or J&Js Books and Coffee the popular ex-pat bar and English language bookstore who are the only known establishment that manufactures bagels from scratch.

If you’re looking for a reason to enjoy a nice bagel with your favorite topping, then this day might just be a blessing for you.



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