Troubled waters in Costa Blanca: Experts warn of hazardous Segura river

BIG CONCERN: The Segura river overflowed during the DANA in September 2019

Experts convened in Orihuela and warned of the poor channelling of the Segura river. They explained that the channelling isn’t calculated correctly for the torrential rain that can fall in the region.

Climate change expert Jorge Olcina, issued the warning and explained that the devastating effects were already seen in the storm of October 2000. The Professor of the University of Alicante criticised the fact that nothing had been done to correct the river’s course and flow.

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The event was organised by the Town Hall of Orihuela and experts also discussed the torrential rains in Vega Baja in September. Olcina pointed out that valuable lessons were learned with the DANA in 2019 and highlighted that the river needs to be worked on.

The professor said that, in terms of climate change, the Vega Baja is one of the areas of greatest risk in all of Europe. He added that the situation is aggravated by the lack of transparency in water management and the information given to the public.

Olcina continued by saying that the Segura territory had been mistreated, leading to the destruction of important soil and filtration capacity. He concluded by pointing out that if more torrential rains were to hit the region, even more territory would be devastated.


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