Residents in Spain Closely Watching Prince Harry & Meghan Markle With Very Mixed Views


Spain’s British expat communities are watching with a close eye the the current events of their Royal Family.

The year hasn’t started well with the Royal’s as Prince Harry And his wife Meghan Markel’s shock announcement they are to step back from Royal duties.

With 2019 finishing badly as Prince Andrew had no choice due to his sex scandal the new announcement has rocked many expat households in Spain of expats.


Many Spanish residents didn’t see this sensational announcement coming whilst others did which has created massive debates across Spain.

The expat communities are big Royal followers as well as patriotic in Spain just like they’re near neighbours in Gibraltar and have been airing their views.

Mandy Wilson told the Euro Weekly News ” First and foremost I’m a large Royalist – I love the Royal family and they do an honourable role leading Britain across the world, well apart from Prince Andrew, he’s always come across a bit seedy but I’m not happy with this announcement, Prince Harry is being led astray by infatuation with an American love, ok she’s his wife, I get that but she should have known that marrying into the Royal family would come with duties and that she would be expected to live in England and perform them, I see this all ending in tears, my prediction is they will divorce when older and the royal children they have together will end up living in America or Canada”

Gary Cobner from Marbella had the same feeling ” He’s clearly obsessed with her and she’s clearly wearing the trousers in that relationship, he’s gone from being a fighting soldier, one of the lads to a little lost puppy dog doing as he’s told by the misses, he needs to man up and put his foot down, I was looking forward to him and Prince William being the rocks of the Royal family but that looks unlikely now”

Meanwhile Gillian Cousins from Fuengirola saw it from a different angle ” He’s got his mothers free spirit, she was the same really, she wasn’t a big fan of towing the line of the establishment, where as Prince William is more like his father, it’s his choice at the end of the day, he doesn’t want a Royal frontline role and he shouldn’t be forced into doing something that he doesn’t want to do, it’s not as if he’s in line to become the King or anything, let’s be honest when do we ever hear of Prince Edward? – hardly ever it’s the same thing really, Harry has just been in the spotlight more because of who his mother was”

Iris Simpson from Torreblanca was scathing ” Ridiculous totally ridiculous, what on earth is he playing at! if I ever see him I will tell him too, this has all been planned since they announced they were having a few months off and going to Canada, I love the Queen and the majority of the Royal family well all of them really apart from Prince Andrew but this is a kick in the teeth to her majesty, the way Harry and his wife have handled this is atrocious.” 

” He should be stripped of all his Royal income, you can’t fleece the tax payer and not do your duties” said Malcolm Gainbourg 

Whilst Doris wrote on the new Euro Weekly Forum 

“Who does the two bit actress think she is ?
She wants the security and the kudos of being a member of the monarchy but she wants to cash in on it and do jack shit for it.
Harry the WIMP is no better either abdicate or get on with the the job you were trained and paid to do.
The rest of us have to do a job that we sometimes don’t want to do to pay the bills why should he be any different.
He needs to shit as they say or get of the throne!
Two complete delusional wannabes at the tax payers expense.
Not like they are qualified Professionals at anything – the Queen should strip them of their titles and their benefits TODAY and let them get on with it – love tends to be tested and goes out of the window when there is no money coming in through the door !
Disgusting manipulation of everyone around them!”

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