Mallorca News Top Story: Speed limit on Mallorca’s highways to be reduced to 80kmh

Mallorca news
The speed limit on highways will be reduced to 80kph. CREDIT: Jaume Morey.

THE Consell de Mallorca has announced their plans to reduce the speed limit on the island’s highways from 120 to 80 kilometres per hour this year.

Iván Sevillano, the Minister of Mobility, states that the Consell are examining a range of measures to not only ensure the safety of drivers on the roads, but to also reduce traffic and the polluting emissions that contribute to climate change.

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Although the decision to cap the speed on the highways was approved in a previous legislation, concerted efforts will now be made to ensure that it is rolled out across Mallorca, Spain.

The matter was discussed at the Consell’s most recent plenary meeting in addition to other pertinent road issues causing significant problems for residents. This included the increased traffic in Palma which has made it particularly difficult for drivers to move with ease throughout the capital, as well as the repainting of lanes on the Can Blau roundabout.

Sevillano stated that the promotion of public transport will be adopted by the council to encourage residents to use more environmentally friendly modes of transport whilst in the city, which will positively impact traffic and create more available parking spaces.


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