Costa Blanca News: Residents in Alicante afraid of overgrown park following a string of assaults

Credit: Shutterstock

Residents in the Santo Domingo area in Alicante are demanding better lighting and pruning in a central park. Locals have collected over 500 signatures to request better conditions following several assaults.

Vegetation is overflowing in the Cronista Enrique Cutillas Bernal park. Dense and tall shrubs have created the perfect spot for criminals to assault passers-by and vegetation covers most of the existing lighting. Residents have turned to the National Police for help and hope that the collected signatures will push the Town Hall into action.

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Some people living in the area have started carrying self-defence spray. Crossing the park at night has become especially risky, after several assaults have occurred in recent months. The park is fairly busy as it connects Calle Raffal with the Gran Via and is an area transited by children in the nearby nurseries and schools.

Residents are requesting the Town Hall prunes the bushes and clears the paths to allow better visibility and security. The last aggression took place over Christmas, when the victim managed to escape unharmed.


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