Costa Blanca News: Popular Party improvements for Los Alcazares

Adaptation of pedestrian routes: A better and more attractive municipality. CREDIT: Inmo2hermanas

THANKS to the project presented in the previous legislature by the Popular Party, it has been announced that Los Alcazares will be a beneficiary of the call for grants to local corporations for the adaptation of pedestrian routes and conditions of accessibility and universal design.

Specifically, Calle Reina Sofía and the access to the Colegio Al-Kazar are the areas in which the adaptation of accessible pedestrian routes, textured pavements, reserved parking spaces, and woodland transplantation and renovation will take place.

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The spokesman of the Municipal Popular Group, Nicolás Ruiz, wanted to thank CARM for carrying out these types of requests that help make the municipalities increasingly accessible to all.

“Our job is to help make a better and more attractive municipality from a positive policy and listening to our neighbors,” said the popular spokesman.

The work will be carried out in the municipality together with the motion presented last October and unanimously approved by the political groups, on the application of pictograms, sound signals and introduction of Braille, will make Los Alcázares a more inclusive municipality for all thanks to the contributions of the Popular Party.




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