Costa Blanca News: Asbestos removal making Cartagena schools safe.

To be carried out from 2020 to 2027: 32 schools in the municipality.

THE Ministry of Education will transfer €4.8 million to the Cartagena Council to expedite the removal of fibre cement in 32 schools in the municipality.

The withdrawal of asbestos from the Instituto Juan Sebastián Elcano has been advanced to 2020-2021 at the request of the Consistory. During this period, actions will also be undertaken in schools of La Concepción, Feliciano Sánchez, Virgen del Carmen and Los Dolores Infant School among others.

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Dates were agreed at a meeting held last Friday by the vice mayor, Noelia Arroyo, Minister of Education and Culture, Esperanza Moreno, and Councillor for Education, Irene Ruiz.

Arroyo has assured that “The calendar includes the planning to make sure that all actions have to be carried out in Cartagena from 2020 to 2027 and that the planning of dates is based on technical issues such as the deterioration and the age of the buildings”.


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