Costa Blanca News: Ambitious project for employment in Albatera

Town hall hired 20 people: Socio healthcare workshops. CREDIT:

MAYOR of Albatera, Ana Serna, has attended the opening of the employment workshop Virgen del Rosario VII, through which the town hall has hired 20 people, ten in the socio healthcare and home help department and other ten in administrative management.

Ana Serna welcomed the students of this workshop, highlighting that “this is an ambitious project that costs around €500,000, and that I hope and wish that it serves you for your insertion into working life again and that it is productive.”

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She also greeted the teaching staff formed by two tutors and an administrative assistant in addition to the director, Lola Medina, who will be with them during the course, which will take place throughout the year.

Albatera currently has a total of 44 people developing different tasks in municipal areas through 5 training programs.

Projects such as EMPUJU and EMPCUJU have been launched, through which the session has hired 11 young people. Another case is that of the EMCORP that has incorporated two people, while with the EMCOLD seven have been hired, to which the twenty-four that have started in the “Virgen del Rosario VII” workshop are now added.

The main requirement to access these programs, workshops and courses, is to be enrolled in LABORA. In addition, it is advised that young people under 30 who are actively seeking employment, enroll in the Youth Guarantee initiative.


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