Costa Blanca News: Alicante will celebrate the San Sebastian drumming festival

PECULIAR: People in San Sebastian dress up as chefs for the occasion

Alicante is preparing to celebrate the tradicional ‘tamborrada’ (drumming) de San Sebastian on January 25. The party will bring together residents who made the move from the Bay of Biscay to Costa Blanca.

A dinner will be held in the Juan XXII rooms accompanied by drumming, in honour of the famous festivities that are celebrated in the Basque Country on the night of January 19. In San Sebastian, the festival lasts for 24 hours as people dressed as cooks and soldiers march across the city as they drum.

For years, Alicante has hosted the celebration to accommodate its residents from Gipuzkoa. The party will be decorated with San Sebastian flags while attendees don white attire, a blue scarf and a chef’s hat, as is tradition.


The celebration was moved to Saturday, January 25 to ensure that participation is as numerous as possible.


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