Costa Blanca News: Alicante hospitals request backup following bout of respiratory illnesses

SATURATED: Busy hospitals in Alicante are receiving backup.

Hospitals in Alicante are requesting staff reinforcements to deal with patient overload in urgent care. Contracts will be extended during the months of January and February to alleviate the increase in illness due to the cold.

Personnel are already being incorporated in emergency services to deal with the rebound in respiratory diseases. In addition, although the flu epidemic hasn’t yet reached the Valencian Community, it’s expected to do so in a matter of weeks.

In the Hospital of San Joan, an emergency doctor, a pulmonologist, three nurses, two assistants and a guard have already started working. In Elda, another six professionals have also been incorporated in the emergency department.


The General Hospital of Alicante is employing an extra eight professionals and in Alcoy everything is prepared for the arrival of four people.

Although the flu epidemic hasn’t begun in Alicante, there has been an increase in patients affected with illnesses including pneumonia, caused by the plummeting temperatures.


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