COSTA ALMERIA NEWS: Job creation and infrastructure upgrades in Maria under rural employment plan

IMPORTANT TOOL: The deputy maintains the rural employment plan helps tackle depopulation in inland areas of the province. CREDIT: Diputacion de Almeria

NEARLY 2,000 working days will be created in Maria municipality under a provincial government-managed employment and infrastructure improvement programme.

The Diputacion de Almeria reported an investment of more than €200,000 in a series of works in the municipality which it said represent substantial improvements in public services as part of the PFEA Rural Employment Development Plan.

The administration’s PFEA deputy Matilde Diaz paid a recent visit to Maria, where in the company of local mayor Jose Antonio Garcia Alcaina she went to take a look at how the works were progressing.


“The PFEA is one of the most efficient tools which provincial councils have at their disposal to fight depopulation”, the deputy affirmed.

“It contributes to creating equal opportunities among Almerians as it corrects the financial and social inequalities in rural areas and updates and improves public services and municipal infrastructure”, Diaz claimed.

Specific projects underway in Maria include actions on paving and infrastructure on three stretches of Calle Montereria and on pavements and walls in the Cañadas de Cañepla district.

Other works include clearing land of weeds and stones, pruning, planting and gardening in public spaces and paining walls.

The Diputacion describes the PFEA as an “example of collaboration between institutions.”

Administrations of all levels play a part in the plan: the provincial government, local councils, the Junta de Andalucia and the SEPE State Public Employment Service.


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