COSTA ALMERIA NEWS: Adra switch to energy efficient lighting moving forward


ADRA’S switch to more energy efficient public lighting is moving forward.

The council reported that low power consumption LED technology was installed on more than 750 street lights and on light points inside municipal buildings during 2019.

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“With the use of LED technology we are not only trying to reduce energy costs, but also to help conserve the planet, and at the same time promote energy efficiency and saving measures among residents by setting an example”, commented Adra Mayor Manuel Cortes.

Speaking following a meeting with Municipal Services councillor Francisco Lopez and Energy Efficiency councillor Antonio Sanchez to evaluate the energy situation in the town and the best way forward, the Mayor stressed the swap to LED cut power consumption, but did not reduce illumination levels from the necessary minimum for each kind of street.

He also pledged the local authority will carry on “contributing to the mitigation of climate change”, while making progress on a “vibrant, attractive and competitive urban area.”

Among the buildings which have benefitted from the switch to LED are the Pedro Mena and Nueva Andalucia schools, the Curva health centre and the Town Hall.

The next step, Cortes said, “is that every light is changed, both interior and exterior, to LED technology.”

A further council measure aimed at making the municipality greener was a €15,000 investment in energy efficiency revisions of 17 municipal buildings, including the cultural centre, Local Police station, Miramar stadium, the sports pavillion, the municipal swimming pool and the Fishing museum.


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