Royal crisis overshadows Kate’s 38th Birthday


Kate was seen arriving at Kensington Palace to celebrate her 38th birthday today. However the celebrations were overshadowed by the ongoing crisis surrounding Prince Harry and Meghan’s bombshell announcement. It is reported that senior royals have met for emergency talks. Prince Charles and Prince William were among senior royals to meet and were left ‘incandescent with rage’ after learning about the couples announcement 10 minutes before it was published on their official Instagram page. 

The Queen had given Prince Harry crystal-clear orders not to make an announcement about his future plans at this current time, however Harry ignored them according to Royal sources. According to the source, Harry had drafted a proposal of his plans to spend more time in North America and sent it to Charles before Christmas but was told more time was needed to discuss the implications.

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Following a six-week break to Canada, Prince Harry requested a meeting with the Queen at Sandringham as soon as he arrived back to the U.K. It is thought the Queen is deeply upset after their statement was not cleared with anyone, and it breaks all protocol. 

The Royals looked to put a show of unity as they wished the Duchess of Cambridge ‘a very happy birthday’ on social media. 



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