A NEW initiative has launched in Spain to promote the policy of “dog owners taking responsibility, zero tolerance of abandonment and the promotion of adoption”

The Spanish initiative, #CuidayAdopta, (Care and adopt) encourages the adoption of abandoned and lost dogs. Organised by the Spanish association of municipal veterinarians (AEVM), the project aims to reduce the number of stray dogs that currently live on the streets of Spain.

Residents (and the dog community) in Torremolinos have expressed their delight in the knowledge that it is the latest town to join the initiative. As part of its commitment, the town hall has agreed to collect, shelter and offer any vaccinations and food until adequate homes can be found.

As Euro Weeky News understands, until five years ago, municipal dog pounds in Spain could euthanise dogs if they were not claimed or re-homed within ten days, but legislation now prohibits the sacrifice of dogs and cats, except for humanitarian reasons, or if they pose a danger to public health.

Law preventing unwanted dogs and cats from being put down means many animal protection centre in Spain are at full capacity.

A lot of dogs are old or are seriously ill, and they are suffering from anxiety.

AEVM recognises that the law is fine in principle, but it won’t work without a serious campaign of sterilization and encouraging people to adopt animals.

Highlighting the importance of education into the long-term responsibilities of owning a pet.


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Cristina Hodgson

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