Costa Blanca News: Parents close down a Torrevieja school with no roof

CAUSE FOR CONCERN: The school will remain closed until a roof is installed.

Parents in Torrevieja forced the Ministry of Education to close down a local school until a roof was fitted. Classes were suspended at the Amanecer school until works are finished to provide cover for the corridors that connect the prefabricated classes. The decision was taken after the Christmas break, when students arrived at school to find that the old roof was gone. 

The Ministry spoke about classes resuming January 14, although the Town Hall estimated that the school would reopen on January 20. Following a tense meeting with parents, the Ministry of Education was forced to close down the premises. The previous plan was to keep the school open and install the roof on weekends, in order to avoid students missing school.

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Parents rejected the idea and demanded the closure of the school. Councilman Ricardo Recuero from the PP party announced the suspension of classes and demanded the construction of the new school after 15 years of waiting. He stated that the Ministry should worry more about the dignity of educational centres, as many children in the city receive their education in prefabricated classes.


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