Chef from Murcia on Spain’s Costa Calida shot dead in Mexican crime capital of Tijuana

Chef from cartagena was gunned down in Mexico. Credit: Twitter

THE funeral of a chef from Cartagena in the Spanish region of Murcia who was shot dead in Mexico is due to take place on Saturday (January 11). 

Felipe Antonio Díaz Zamora, who worked as a chef in Tijuana, Mexico, was found dead last weekend with three gunshot wounds. His body was in front of the house where he planned to move with his family, according to the special prosecutor for crimes against life, Enrique Javier Sánchez Serrano.  

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The body was found last Sunday afternoon on a road between a metal fence and a pickup truck, lying on his back with three gunshot wounds, one to the head and two to the spine, all shot in the back. Felipe Díaz Zamora, as he explains on his Facebook profile, had studied at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena. 

Investigators have linked the crime to his personal relationships, although the prosecutor made it clear that they want to analyse more evidence, including the analysis of several videos. “From what we have seen so far, the probability of it being an ‘assault’ is very low, but rather a personal matter,” said the prosecutor. 

The restaurant where he worked, ‘Vámonos de Tapas’, has posted messages of condolence on its Facebook page. “I am sorry to inform you of the terrible loss of our great chef, actor, singer, dancer, great friend, colleague and above all a good husband and great father Felipe Diaz who left a great mark on our hearts as he always had something to say, always solved everything and never stood by with his arms crossed. He fought to move forward and never left anything behind.” 

As a cook he had participated in philanthropic actions and in 2018, together with other chefs, he participated in the preparation of a paella for 3,000 people from the migrant caravan that was making its way to the USA through Mexico. 

His wife, in statements to the Mexican media, stressed that her husband that ” was a very hard-working person, he was a chef and a singer, a good family man”. 


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