Belgian Army admits that their anti-tank vehicles can’t fire armour piercing shells

‘Sheep in wolf’s clothing’, the Belgian Piranhas Credit: Wikicommons

THE Belgian Army spent €69.9 million ten years ago on purchasing 18 Piranha anti-tank vehicles from their Swiss manufacturer and scrapped its existing vehicles at the time.

Amazingly, although the vehicles were equipped with a special 90-millimetre cannon (DF90) which uses armour piercing ammunition, it wasn’t until May 2017 that the Ministry of Defence actually purchased any armour piercing shells.

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Unfortunately it turned out that the Piranhas couldn’t actually fire the anti-tank ammunition and after two years of investigations and attempts to make them work, the Belgian Army has now decided to give up.

They do fire non-armour piercing rounds so aren’t completely useless but are not really fit for purpose which was highlighted when three of the vehicles were sent as part of a NATO initiative to Lithuania as a deterrent against Russian tanks but on return admitted that they didn’t actually have any working ammunition!


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