WATCH: A Man In Spain Plummets His Car Into A Church Altar

WATCH: A Man In Spain Plummets His Car Into A Church Altar Credit: Twitter

A 35 year-old man crashed his car into a church in Spain in the middle of the night.

According to the authorities, the event took place at the early hours this morning (Wednesday) around 1:00 a.m. The vehicle crashed through the doors and was then embedded against the alter of the church building, located on Union Street in Toledo-Spain.

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Police sources have reported that the driver had to be transferred to the Hospital Virgen de la Salud in Toledo and that he has not yet been able to give his testimony.

The Civil Guard are investigating the alleged crime of damage against the parish of San Juan Evangelista in Sonseca (Toledo) after the driver smashed the doors, entered the building, destroying the furniture in its path.

The emergency medical technicians who arrived at the scene informed that the driver, who had to be taken in a Basic Life Support ambulance to the capital hospital after being treated by the emergency physician, had suffered various injuries. It’s reported that the driver was a 35-year-old male.

Miraculously, the car seems to have come away without a scratch.


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