Ten-year-old child found in landing gear of flight DEAD

Air France suffer massive losses. Credit: Twitter

At Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, a ten-year-old child has been found dead inside the planes landing gear. The airline Air France was travelling from Abidjan in the Ivory Coast to France, where the youngster was in the the stowaway. The sad discovery was found shortly after 5pm on Tuesday after the Boeing 777, landed in Paris-Charles de Gaulle and was discovered by airport staff. A report has suggested that the 10 year old child was a boy. 

French Police officials have said that the victim found, was a young African who they have not yet been able to identify, however an investigation is underway. Although French media have reported that the child found was a migrant, officials have said it was too early to determine the victim’s age. 

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Air France has expressed it’s ‘deepest sympathy and compassion in this human tragedy’ and an investigation into the death is ongoing. The statement from Air France said: ‘ Air France confirms that the lifeless body of a stowaway was discovered in the well of the landing gear of the aircraft performing flight AF703 connecting (ABJ) to Paris-Charles de Gaulle on January 7 2020.’ 

Abidjan is a major urban city in the French-speaking west African country and takes around six hours to travel to Paris. An airline official has said such stowaway attempts are rare and nearly impossible to survive. In 2019 the body of a stowaway was found in the garden of a home in Clapham after falling from an aircraft flying from Kenya. The man is thought to have frozen to death in the wheel arch before plunging 3,500 feet.


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