Spain’s National Police dismantle violent criminal gang who reigned terror on transexuals

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A criminal gang who preyed on transexuals has been desmantled in Spain. Credit: ÁLVARO GARCÍA.

THE National Police in Spain have revealed that they have dismantled a large criminal gang who were dedicated to sexually exploiting transsexuals across the country.

The criminal gang reigned terror on their victims by trapping them into a prostitution ring, where they were forced to work in brothels through intimidation and violence.

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As part of a national operation named ‘Orquídea’, an investigation was launched in Plasencia, Cáceres, when a victim came forward to report a harrowing ordeal. She claimed that she had been taken from Colombia and forced to work as a prostitute by a violent criminal gang who continuously subjected her to intimidation.

Further investigation revealed that many more victims were involved and that the criminal organisation were working throughout Spain. As reported by officers working on the nationwide case, the victims, who were all from Colombia, were targeted by members of the gang in their home country. Here they were promised job opportunities in Spain, where the gang offered to pay for their flights and provide a place for them to live when they arrived.

However, this could not be further from the truth, as the promises were nothing but entrapment. Once the victims arrived to Spain, they were pushed into prostitution, where they were continuously moved to different brothels with no means of escape.

The first victim who came forward explained that as soon as she landed in Spain, she was ordered to pay an €8,000 debt, which members of the criminal gang said could only be settled through sex. She was then advertised online, moving to various provinces across the country, where she was threatened that if she did not comply, that both herself and her family would be killed.

Officers were then able to gather information through investigative work, identifying key members of the criminal group. Once enough evidence was collected, a raid was carried out on two properties in Madid and San Sebastián today (January 8), where two men were arrested. In addition, two Colombian victims were found on the premises, who provided an abundance of documentation proving their debts with the gang.

As Euro Weekly News understands, police believe they have dismantled a dangerous group, where it is expected that more arrests will be made in due course.


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