LUCKY SAVE FOR Two British Hikers Rescued In A Mountainous Area Of Spain

LUCKY SAVE FOR Two British Hikers Rescued In A Mountainous Area Of Cortes De La Frontera Credit: Shutterstock

TWO BRITISH NATIONALS found themselves lost in a very steep and rugged area of Spain, in the Sierra de Libar

Members of the Civil Guard of Ronda, with the collaboration of residents in the area, rescued two British hikers in a mountainous area of Cortes de la Frontera.

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According to a statement from the Civil Guard, the events took place at the end of last month when the 112 emergency number received a phone call informing that two people were lost in an area of difficult access in the Sierra de Libar.

A search operation was activated with the aid of many residents of the area who volunteered to collaborate in the rescue mission.

The two individuals were finally located, in a place known as ‘La Maimona’, a very steep, rugged area with thick vegetation making the access extremely tricky.

The British hikers were reported to have been found in “good condition” though “tired and anxious”

As Euro Weekly News has been informed the hikers had left Cortes de la Frontera with the intention of hiking through the Sierra de Líbar when they got lost and ended up in a very rugged spot full of thorny brushes that made their progress impossible.

Once located, the rescue team along with the two hikers had to make the return journey on foot, cross country, for about two hours until they reached the town of Cortes de la Frontera where the individuals had left their vehicle.

Just recently Euro Weekly Newsreported how the overwhelming majority of the other mountaineering accidents are due to lack of experience, inadequate physical preparation or failure to adequately prepare the excursion in the mountain.

In fact, the report reveals that 98 per cent of ALL mountain rescues in Spain are the fault of the expeditionists.



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