Costa del Sol News: Occupational hazards in Malaga


ACCORDING to data offered by the Ministry of Labour, there are three labour sectors that account for the majority of occupational accidents that have occurred in the province of Malaga between January and October of this year.  Construction is the area in which the most accidents are recorded, with 3,816 occupational accidents.

It is closely followed by the hospitality industry, in which 2,776 occupational accidents took place, a high index considering that this sector is one of those that are most affiliated to Social Security.

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Wholesale and retail trade, including vehicle repairs, ranks third as the area with the highest risk in the province, with 2,561 documented cases between January and October 2019. In the general industry, 1,276 cases were quantified, closely followed by the general transport sector, with 1,128 incidents (most of them traffic accidents).


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