COSTA ALMERIA NEWS: Roquetas de Mar council working hand-in-hand with local associations

GRATITUDE: The Mayor thanked the associations “for very important work of which we all feel proud.”

ROQUETAS de Mar council has signed collaboration agreements with 22 local social, cultural and educational associations.

Mayor Gabriel Amat commented that between them the associations “deal with thousands of people and enable Roquetas to keep growing and to be a municipality which is a reference point for development.”

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The first agreement was with the municipal ‘Universidad de Mayores’ (University of the Third Age). Rector Carmelo Rodriguez underlined the importance of the initiative from both an academic and social point of view, stressing it benefits nearly 500 people.

Amat recalled that Roquetas was one of the first towns to get an initiative of this kind up and running.

“It currently operates in very agreeable facilities thanks to the agreement between the council and the university, and reaches many elderly people who find a second opportunity to study and train”, the Mayor commented.

The council has signed agreements with nine other local associations for the elderly, along with entities ranging from the Roquetas de Mar Musical Union band, the Aguadulce sports centre, the Roquetas municipal football school, the Portomagno and Al-Bayyana schools, the Roquetas basketball club and the Friends of the Sahara Association.

Amat expressed gratitude to all the entities and organisations “for very important work of which we all feel proud, because everyone does their bit to make Roquetas a town in which residents find help and collaboration through so many associations, which work seriously and which reach all areas.”


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