Costa Almeria motor thieves caught red-handed in hit on Sorbas factory

GOTCHA!: The Guardia surprised the gang when they emerged from the factory. CREDIT: Policia Nacional Almeria

FOUR people are under arrest after Guardia Civil caught them red-handed nicking 50 motors from a Sorbas factory.

A patrol got suspicious while doing the rounds of the area. Officers spotted a van parked just inside a brick factory perimeter at an odd time.

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Doubting there were would be anyone working inside, the officers went to take a closer look. Sure enough they discovered a section of the metal fencing had been cut, quite possibly so the vehicle could get through.

Officers discreetly edged closer to the van, where they found a thermal lance and a whole bunch of motors piled up.

Hearing several voices inside the premises the officers called for back-up.

When the four robbers emerged from the premises carrying more stolen motors they found themselves facing officers of the law.

The Guardia said the gang had used the thermal lance to cut open a metal access door to the factory, then dismantled 50 motors from the factory machinery to carry away with them.

The authorities identified the four detainees as two men in their thirties from Viator and a 37-year old and a 47-year old from Almeria city.


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