Contemporary take on traditional tales to tackle gender equality issues on the Costa Almeria

21st CENTURY VERSION: Much-loved stories like Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White became ‘Rebellion of the Princesses’. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Nijar

TRADITIONAL fairytales got a contemporary take in an initiative in Nijar aimed at tackling gender equality issues.

More than 30 local adults and children took part in a workshop held in the El Barranquete district of the municipality at which much-loved stories like Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White were woven together into the distinctly more Me Too movement generation ‘Rebellion of the Princesses’.

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“The objectives of this initiative are orientated to raising awareness among the youngest about values of equality and co-responsibility in the home from an early age, at the same time as smashing stereotypes and gender roles”, explained Nijar Social Well-being councillor Victoria Calatrava.

The municipal women’s information centre, which comes under the council’s Social Well-being department, organised the workshop, with the collaboration of the Junta de Andalucia and the European Social Fund for disadvantaged areas.


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