Sweet surprise for couple in Spain finding €10,000 prize hidden in Three Kings cake

SUPER SWEET: The Leon patisserie hides a cash prize in a ‘roscon de reyes’ every Christmas. CREDIT: Shutterstock

A MADRID couple got a super sweet Festive Season surprise when they found a cheque for €10,000 hidden in a traditional Three King’s cake.

Maria del Carmen and Eduardo, both non-commissioned officers in the Spanish army in their thirties, were the lucky winners of the cash prize which every year the Conrado patisserie in La Bañeza in Leon conceals in one of their cream-filled ‘roscon de reyes’ created for the Christmas campaign.

The pair had made the most of a mini break to the area to visit family to buy one of the cakes.


The patisserie first came up with the idea of the money Christmas giveaway in 2008, starting out with a relatively modest €500. The popularity of the initiative among customers means the prize amount has been increasing ever since.

Thanks to online orders the Conrado sells its Three Kings cakes throughout Spain and in other countries, including Italy, France, Germany and the UK.

If no-one comes forward to claim the annual prize within 15 days of Three Kings’ Day on January 6 the patisserie donates the money to an NGO.


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