Suspects in American sisters rape case in Spain released on bail

Special ops free woman held hostage by ex in Madrid 
Officers arrested suspects. File photo. Policia Nacional Twitter @policia 

THREE men arrested accused of the New Year’s Eve rape of two American sisters and sex attack on a third have been released on bail.

The suspects are Afghans aged between 20 and 25. The alleged sexual assault on the three American sisters in Murcia took place in two different homes, one in the Plaza de la Candelaria where the youngest of them lived during her stay as a student, and another location was the home of the three arrested Afghan citizens.

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Two of the three detainees had recently been granted political asylum in Spain and one of them is studying professional training in the country. None of them has a criminal record and their situation is regular in Spain since they have residence permits.

They all deny the allegations.

The alleged victims have flown back to the USA via Vienna (Austria). The National Police has contacted the American Embassy in Spain to be able to contact them and inform them of the progress of the investigation that has been opened in Murcia. The sisters may be able to give evidence via video link from their homes in Ohio.

The police are collecting images from surveillance cameras in the central district of Santa Eulalia where the women met the accused men in a pub on New Year’s Eve before carrying on the party at the two properties where the assaults are alleged to have taken place.

The two older sisters of the one who was studying in Murcia travelled to the city at Christmas to spend a few days’ holiday in Spain.

The alleged victims, three sisters aged 18, 20 and 23 respectively, reported to the National Police that three individuals had raped two of them while the third allegedly suffered injuries while fighting off a sex assault


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