Sandy feet, no problem in Benidorm, Costa Blanca

PONIENTE BEACH. Photo credit: Kolform 

Water pipes for foot showers on Benidorm’s Poniente beach will be replaced to solve low-pressure problems.

This inconvenienced beachgoers each summer, admitted Monica Gomez, councillor responsible for Beaches. Pressure was lowest between the Port and the beginning of the Poniente promenade and the former Policia Local post as far as Calle Vigo where foot showers installed by the regional government are still in use, Gomez explained.

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“To start with we shall install wider pipes so that when demand is at its greatest, water reaches all the foot showers, which use seawater,” she said. “A couple of years ago we improved the flow of seawater to the La Cala showers but now we must improve this for the rest of the network.”

Work will cost €48,395 and should be finished within the next few weeks


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