Punters left frothing after a pub leaves a sign on the bar saying regulars will be served first and to ‘accept it and shut the f*** up’

Credit: Evening Gazette

Punters have been left furious after The Teal Arms, in Stockton-on-Tees, put a sign on the bar informing customers that their regulars would be severed before them and that they needed to “accept it and shut the f*** up”. In the sign the landlord refers to “Bob”, and states that it is Bob and other regulars that keep the bar open all year round. The sign states that ” If an old bloke sat at the bar gets served before you do, and the bartenders knows him by name and even seems to know what he’s drinking before he orders it, just shut the f*** up…Bob drinks here seven times a week, every week. Bob’s custom pays the bills”. The sign continues to say the reason for this is because people are bulk buying in supermarkets unlike their regulars who support them 11 months a year. 

The landlord states in the sign that it is “just a joke”, although customers have been left feeling angry and unwelcome by saying “I personally find it unprofessional and quite a disgrace, it clearly doesn’t encourage new customers to come in”. 

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However the landlord has claimed that locals find it funny and the sign has to be read “in context” and Bob is served the same time as everyone else as bartenders know what he is drinking. 


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