Possibly the largest Three Kings Cavalcade in Malaga Province Spain

Five hours and 33,000 kilos of sweets Credit: Ayuntamiento de Fuengirola

THE Fuengirola council believes that it had the largest and busiest Three Kings Cavalcade in Malaga Province with 550 children taking part and 25 floats as well as musical events and walking parades.

The Three Kings arrived by helicopter and spent five hours parading through the town making sure that as many people as possible could enjoy the spectacle.

The council had been planning the whole event for months in advance as with so many people including hundreds of youngsters taking part it had the potential to get out of hand if anything went wrong.


All arms of civil government were involved, including the Local and National Police, Fire fighters, Civil Protection, emergency health services and even a private security company to ensure that all went smoothly.

More than 200 volunteers were involved in distributing the 33,000 kilos of gluten and lactose free sweets and a large number of those were also sugar free with bulging waistlines in mind.


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