Pensioner hospitalised after toy tossed during Costa Blanca Three King’s parade hits her straight in the eye

THRONG: There were several reports of falls due to the mass of people watching the procession and scrambling for the sweets CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Alicante Facebook

A 74-YEAR old woman was hospitalised after a toy hurled from one of the floats during Alicante city’s Three King’s parade on Sunday evening hit her straight in the eye.

The impact caused blood vessels in the pensioner’s eye to burst.

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There were reports the emergency services had to transfer two other people to hospital during the event: a 76-year old man in the crowd who was suffering chest pains and a 58-year who fell and fractured a bone during the excitement of the colourful procession and the scramble for the sweets and toys flying around.

Another five individuals received assistance for falls due to the throng of people, although they did not need to be transferred to medical centres.

A total of 200 Local Police offices and Civil Protection volunteers were on duty on the night of Three Kings celebrations in the provincial capital.


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