Mallorca News Top Story: Cruise sector expected to boost tourism in Mallorca


THE cruise sector is expected to thrive this year, with the Ports of Authority (APB) predicting a greater number of tourists arriving to Mallorca, Spain.

Figures released by the Authority show that a total of 586 cruise ships will dock at Palma Port this year. Although this is 8 less than 2018, the vessels that will arrive have a larger capacity for passengers.

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The highest number of arrivals will be in October, one of the most important months for tourism on the island, where there will be 89 cruise ships docking in the port. The low season will also be boosted by visitors on cruise ships, with critical arrivals in March, April, November and December.

However, the APB will make efforts to stagger the number of passengers who come to Mallorca by this mode of transport to ensure that cruise ships do not negatively impact the capital.  


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